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Movie 1/1 ONLINE

Title : 1/1



Release: 2018-07-07

Runtime: 85 Minutes

Year: 2018

Genre: Drama



Language: English

Castname: Lindsey Shaw, Judd Nelson, Dendrie Taylor, Veronnica Avila, F. Robert McMurray, Danna Maret, Leland Alexander Wheeler, James P. Engel, Mary Agnes Shearon, John E. Tremba

Crewname: Jeremy Phillips, Jeremy Phillips, Cassidy Lunnen, Matt Detisch, David Hopper

Company: Narrator Entertainment, Fireglory Pictures

Vote Average: 7

Vote Count: 2

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From Movie Maniac and Reviewer of S.t.r.e.a.m.i.n.g 1/1 FULL HD

Virgil Daniel

This movie is excellent from beginning to finish. The track as well as rating selections brings this flick to discover of emotion from all the performances. An outrageous thoughtful and creative film filled with educated and thriller that will certainly leave you in a state of being apart of you. A Silent Area is amongst those excellent movies and even when you leave this film there is no telling just how much this movie will take you. I am in love with this flick so freaking much.

Toby Gardner

This motion picture is pure brilliance from its cold opening to a heart warming finishing that brings a much required release of a mix of horror and also stress to something is similarly riveting and heartfelt. This film truly awesome film of not only workmanship yet also something filmmakers can not do which is telling a story with almost complete silence. Exceptional film.

Constance Wilkins

This is the very best movie of all time and this is my preferred flick ever before. The method incredibly well shot and electronic camera work that is remarkable to watch. It is a terrific movie that has so much character depth with these amazing characters and so much heart. It is an excellent movie.

Audrey Mcguire

1/1 was a fascinating as well as really enjoyable motion picture which held my focus during the whole film. The storyline moved well, the acting was credible and the cinimatography was pleasing. I would very reccomend this function for anybody.

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